Bretón, Tomás

Period: Romantic

Born: Sunday, December 29, 1850 in Salamanca, Spain

Died: Sunday, December 2, 1923 in Madrid, Spain

Nation of Origin: Spain

Major Works:

  • Los amantes de Teruel (1889)
  • Garin l'eremita di Montsalvat (1892)
  • La verbena de la paloma (1894)
  • La Dolores (1895)
  • Raquel (1900)
  • Tabaré
Apocalipsia (an oratorio from 1882)

Chamber Works:
  • Piano Trio in E Major
  • String Quartet in D Major
Orchestral Works:
  • Las escenas andaluzas
  • Salamanca
  • En la Alhambra

Other Information:
As a child, Bretón played violin in cafes. He studied music at the Madrid Conservatory with Emilio Arrieta, and he won the prize for composition in 1874. He also studied in Paris, Rome, and Vienna. He became the conductor of the Madrid Opera then in 1901 he became professor of composition at the Madrid Conservatory. In 1903 he was appointed its director. He was a champion of the Zarzuela, a Spanish operatic form. He was a strong influence for modernization of the musical life of Spain. His harmonic language was advanced for the time, particularly in his chamber works.

Essay contributed by:
Steven G. Estrella

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