Stylistic Timeline of Music History

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The timeline below may be of assistance in focusing on the study of music history. For an excellent and brief essay on the history of music, see Western Music - A Short History by James L. Zychowicz published online at the Classical Music Pages. You might also be interested in this lovely poster showing the history of classical music.

Music of Ancient Times (before 500)

MEDIEVAL (500-1450)

RENAISSANCE (1450-1600)

BAROQUE (1600-1750)

CLASSIC (1750-1820)

ROMANTIC (1820-1910)

Early 20th CENTURY (1910-1950)

Late 20th to 21st CENTURY

21st Century

It is an impossible task to try to predict which composers of today are most likely to leave a lasting mark. The links below will take you to pages listing winners of some of the major composition awards given in recent decades.


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